Sunday, May 5, 2013

On The Streets Of San Francisco (Book Review: The Saint Of San Francisco)

Based on this cover would you ever have thought that Jerry Sacher's "The Saint Of San Francisco" was a mystery/thriller?  Nope, neither did I. But I realized that about a third into the book, and I was thinking that maybe this would be similar to Scott Sherman's Kevin Connor's Mystery series (I wrote about those here, and here)  So I continue reading. And what was most striking about Mr. Sachs writing is that the main character is written in first person, while everyone else's is not. But they aren't separated by chapters, and in the beginning, especially, it got pretty confusing. It was a chore to start separating them because the points of view would sometimes change in the same paragraphs (or maybe it was the Kindle version formatting?) But I persevere. Even though I kind of figure out the plot halfway through, it was interesting to see it play out. And all in all, it wasn't bad. The Jeremy character can be endearingly annoying at times, but nothing that made me want to throw my Kindle up a wall. I liked the use of the San Francisco locale, giving it a specific flavour. I guess the title would refer to Jeremy continuing his sleuthing, and yes, it looks like there is a second book now in the series.


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