Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fizz Orange Pop (Perfume Review: Diptyque Oyedo)

There are few notes that I do not like, and one of them is orange. That fizzy orange soda smell kind of turns my stomach. But some time ago, I ended up with Diptyque's Oyedo, and I cannot for the life of me remember how I procured a bottle of this. I think this is possibly because Diptyque is one of my favorite houses, and at the time I was completing all their releases. Since the weather has been spiking up recently, I decided to wear this today. Well, after all these years, I still am not a big fan of the orange note, but the orange here is very elegant: it is mixed with grapefruit and yuzu, so it's not sticky-sweet - there's a tartness to it that I like. Plus, on me, the mint note becomes prevalent after a while, giving it heat. I get a "mint halo" feeling after I spray it, like my skin is stinging, like the fizz on soda. Since this is Diptyque, the scent is well-behaved - it doesn't scream, but you know it's definitely there. I guess if I had to choose an orange scent, this would my favorite. I am somewhere with dry heat, so the note is tolerable, but I know if I were somewhere more humid, I would despise this scent.

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