Thursday, May 30, 2013

Before The Prince Passed (Book Review, Fairy Tale Interrupted, Rosemarie Terenzio)

I bet you knew exactly where you were when you found out that John Kennedy Jr's plane crashed.  I remembered where I was vividly. My friends and I were in Boston, and we were on our way to spend a week in our vacation house in Provincetown, Massachusetts. I remember we ere leaving the house and saw the news on television, and knew we wanted to follow the story so as soon as we were in the beach house, we tuned into what the update us. I was veru curious to read "Fairy Tale Interrupted,' by Rosemarie Terenzio because I wanted to get a glimpse on JFK Jr,. the man. Terenzio worked as his personal assistant for five years. It was a love/hate thing, and they came from different worlds, which was probably the main reason for the success of their relationship. The book is immensely readable - Terrenzio has a great distinct voice - and you can really feel that you are right there with them. However, I can say that I did not really learn much more about John. Not that I was expecting a warts-and-all bio, but I thought it was just lacking enough depth. Still, you cannot feel but sympathize and empathize with her, and I was dreading the chapters of the inevitable. This was a page-tuenr, but the pages were pretty light.


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