Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Unreal In Real Estate (Television Review: Million Dollar Listing New York)

I have been meaning to write about the new season of "Million Dollar Listing: New York," because I have been enjoying this new season very much. It has become a guilty pleasure of mine, and I really do feel guilty because it's such a train wreck of a show. But, it's one of those good train wrecks. I cannot possibly think that this is all reality, but I lap it all up like a hungry puppy. Fredrick Ecklund and Ryan Serhant are both back, and that's great: they make the show. Years and years ago, I remember seeing Ecklund at a Los Angeles bar, during his "art movie" phase, and I have always been fascinated by him, and more so know. He is a character, for sure, whether put on or not. And Ryan Serhant is a sleaze ball of a broker, but there's something about him that's endearing and charming. And the new recruit, Luis D. Ortiz, is a little Puerto Rican spitfire. He definitely has the energy and drive, though it can seem a little too much. He reminds me of an ex co-worker of mine who is a hustler in all his jobs. All three have combustible chemistry, and it is kind of interesting how they would all collide. And in the second episode, they even try touchy-feely, by showing how all three of them were affected by Hurricane Sandy, as all three of them live in downtown Manhattan. This show is pure junk food, but I gladly ingest it. One small observation, though: most of the apartments being highlighted recently have been underwhelming. It's been just a little unsatisfying for those in the lookout for real estate porn.

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