Saturday, May 18, 2013

Forget Your Troubles C'mon get Happy (Perfume Review: Jean Paul Gaultier, Ma Dame)

I have some scents that I unintentionally ignore. Jean Paul Gaultier's Ma Dame is one of them. I don't know why I don't wear this more because it's a scent that never fails to make me happy. Created in 2009 by Francis Kurkdjian, it was created to attract a younger, hip crowd to JPG's perfume line. It was fronted by supermodel Agyness Deyn, and she seems to be the perfect face for Gaultier: with her crop blonde hair and hip reputation, she represented exuberance and youthful allure. And the campaign was swathed in pink. It also had one of the most beautiful bottles I have seen of late: a crystal chun of ice with the Gaultier bustier carved inside, in the middle, like a stamp. This fragrance was a hit in Europe, and at the time I thought it smelled very current. Well, I wore it today, and it has held up pretty well. I think it's even better - it is certainly a lot more interesting than all the fruity floral concoctions that have come and gone since then. Kurkdjian has a flair for mixing notes that normally would be a question mark on paper. Here he pairs orange with rose, but he mixes it will dollops of vanilla and musk. The vanilla gives it a lot of weight, and this is not a shy fragrance - this Ma Dame makes herself known when she enters the room. And she is fizzy - there is grenadine here - that gives you the impression that she is ready to party. And there's musk - so you know she means business (wink, wink) This is one of those sexy fragrance - the musk is that kind of musk that gives a kind of "halo" effect. This perfume makes me want to laugh, and have a good time. It was a nice and sunny day today and this was the perfect scent to match the weather. 

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