Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Green And Now Gone (Perfume Review: Antidote, Viktor & Rolf)

I haven't thought about Viktor & Rolf's Antidote in a long time. I have had it, and it was one of my favorites, and still is, I guess. I remember years ago at my old office that a co-worker of mine asked a cologne recommendation for her husband, and I told her to get this. She, and her husband, was so pleased with it that she bought me lunch one day to thank me. Antidote wasn't a scent that stood - it wasn't very imaginative, or over the top, but it was very well made. As a matter of fact, it seemed to be old-school good: it wasn't flashy, it was thorough, and it knew what it was. And even though, it was marketed for men, I know a lot of women perfumistas who wore it. Its concept of citrus and spice wasn't ground-breaking, but it had a little something that give it a lift: mint. The opening, a cardamom, orange, grapefruit mix was bright, but it was cool and authentic, not the synthetic lemonies we smell nowadays. And yes, that mint added a bit of oomph that made you want to smell it over and over. The spices and flowers come in mid-note: I get violets, and lavender, and cinnamon, and nutmeg, but they are well-blended that not one note stands out, yet you smell each of the them. The musk and woods come in to give weight to the base, and you end up with it. It's kind of boring, but all the before scents peek in once in a while. It's a beautiful experience, and kind of reminded me of a more modern Creed fragrance. Why am I all o fa sudden writing about it? I read that Antidote has been discontinued. I guess V & R cannot justify its existence, amidst successes like Flowerbomb. I am glad I got to spend time with it, and my bottle isn't finished yet - I will cherish it. I wore it today and am basking in its beauty.

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