Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Hit List Is On Between Ivy And Karen (Television Review: Smash, The Transfer)

SMASH was technically cancelled yesterday.  It was the longest of all long shots, but I still hoped. Now we have three episodes left of a show I totally loved and looked forward to watching that it was #1 on my DVR list. But tonight we still have "The Transfer," and it was a good episode, considering it was about that other show I despise. I still don't get it, and it's 'edginess.'  Though I must say that there is a dance song that McPhee does here that wasn't bad at all. I actually did like her a lot before SMASH, and thought pop albums were quite good. But here, she just wasn't presented in her best element. This pop song serviced her well, I have to be honest, but that confrontation scene with Derek tonight showed all her limitations as an actress. And compared to Hilty, there was no comparison. And Hilty was on fore tonight, especially on her number "Grin And Bare It" which while did nothing for the plot, was a smashing production number. God, she really is good, and I know there are fantastic things in store for her after this show. I just know it. (A CAN-CAN revival with her is in the works) Even good ol Debra Messing gets to sing tonight, "The Right Regrets" and it was tenderly touching. I think she did great work here, and I don't really dislike her as an actress. She has been at the very least competent in everything I have seen her do. But the clincher here is the last scene, where Ivy founds out that she is pregnant. I had heard that someone does get pregnant, and I don't really know if it serves the character of Ivy well. Are they setting it up so Karen wins the Tony over her? I really really hope not. C'mon, give the SMASH fans a bone!

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