Monday, April 22, 2013

I Could Be Sailing (Perfume Review: Prada Luna Rossa)

Although I cruise a lot, I have never sailed. I would imagine it to be a thrilling experience, and I hope to one day do it, as I am a fan of anything water-y. Prada's Luna Rossa is a perfect representation of that experience. I am a Prada fragrance completist - I love their aesthetic - and even though I do not love this fragrance with a capital L, I admire it a lot. It is very reminiscent of all your other "sport" fragrances out there - that ubiquitous amber/musk/aquatic accord - but there's something in here that is better done. There's the finer lavender (you can tell it is better quality) , there's the unexpected sharp citrus (orange/grapefruit) and there's the mint. It all comes down soapy, like a more "finished" version of Infusion D'Homme of the same house. This is the kind of scent that is inoffensive, and I would bet a man would get a lot of compliments from the ladies if he wore this scent. During the coming hot summer months, I could imagine reaching out for this scent as a default on those days when I could not decide what to wear. It's like wearing a welk-worn  T-shirt and shorts ensemble: easy to wear and you know you will look and smell good when you wear it. That may not be the highest of all complement, but it's really still one. 

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