Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (Television Review: S02 E 09 The Parents)

One half of this episode for me is brilliant; the other half is utter boredom. I just cannot get excited about the "Hit List" portion of the show. I really dislike the songs in it, and it seems to be populated with the characters I dislike. Even when Krysta Rodriguez (as "The Diva") sings on sheets, I am not that impressed. (Jane Krakowski did the same scene on the NINE revival with a better song) And even when Jeremy Jordan's character was in peril, I was apathetic. What's wrong with me, I just cannot connect with them. On the "Bombshell" side, though, I find myself really emotionally invested. I love the way they re-introduced Bernadette Peters playing Leigh Conroy playing Gladys, who is Marilyn's mom in the show. I love the way Bernadette is so Bernadette. And I love the song they both sing, "Hang The Moon," what a beautiful song that everyone can relate with. I am quite bitter about this show being cancelled. This week it now moves to Saturdays, and will probably limp to its end.

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