Thursday, April 18, 2013

Invited Dress (Television Review: Smash, The Dress Rehearsal)

I am very late with this because I had a hectic weekend, and only got to see this episode the other day. And of course, it is the best episode thus far this season, and it's a shame no one seems to be watching the show anymore, based on the published ratings. For once, the episode revolves around the shows, and all the drama that happens as you mount one. Bombshell is finally in previews, at the Lily Hayes Theater. And things are not going well in tech: the plane takes too long to mount, so the intermission has been taking longer. But what to do? Julia has an idea, and it's brilliant, using "Dig Deep." It was also good to see Wesley Taylor get somewhat featured in a musical scene. But anyway, there also is a dilemma for Ivy in the show. Because of a wardrobe malfunction, she is bared naked, and it gets a tremendous response, naturally. Should the show continue to feature it, and of course, Tom gives Ivy the decision. And how she arrives at a decision is both dramatic and satisfying - and clever! - and again and again, we get to see what great instincts Megan Hilty has as an actress. And at least she is featured well in this episode, so bravo for that. I guess we must also note that Ellis, the much-hated Ellis, does a cameo here, in Tom's dreams, and it is as fun and campy as you would expect. But on the other side fo town is "Hit List," and there's drama there, too, although, frankly I cannot be bothered. Dead Eyes and Jimmy are concerned that Derek is cutting songs from them and giving them to The Diva because Derek is getting jealous of their relationship. Yeah, okay, whatever. That's the most interest I can muster at that part of the story.

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