Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rock Bottom (Movie Review: Smashed)

I have to admit that I was initially interested in "Smashed" because it was Octavia Spencer's follow-up movie after winning her Academy Award. But she pays a very small here, as the star of the movie is Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Winstead is fantastic here, and should be the main reason why everyone should check this film out, which is now out on video. "Smashed" is a film about an alcoholic, and Kate, played by Winstead, hits rock bottom when she throws up in the classromm where she teaches elementary school. She pretends to be pregnant, and that's the beginning of her downward spiral. The movie is subtle, and maybe a bit too much so. At times I cannot see the point of it all, except for Winstead's performance. Sure, I understand that the movie doesn't want to be a heavy-handed, twelve step film, but when you never see the process, you fail to see growth in the character, except when told and shown after her year anniversary. Still, Winstead's performance is fantastic enough to watch for a rental - a true star making performance.

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