Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fruit Cocktail Froo Froo (Perfume Review, Marc Jacobs Honey)

It's always interesting, for me, to pass by Sephora whenever I can, just to see what's out there in the designer commercial offerings - that's how I discovered the fabulous Bond No 9 I Love NY Marriage Equality.  I see a cutesy bottle, and instantly I know it is from the Marc Jacobs cutesy collection - Dot, Honey, Lola, and its ilk. This new flanker is called Honey and sure, why not let me try it. Look at the bottle ->   and you can kind of tell how this perfume looks like. It's your ubiquitous fruity floral, even after that trend has started to dry down. It's instantly sweet on my skin - more fruit than floral. Instantly I try to determine what the floral notes are, and can't locate them. The only one I see in the press release is honeysuckle - a note I love - but I truly do nto get it here. What I do get is a fruit cocktail of sorts - a melange of pear, mandarin, orange. I see that they list orange blossom as a note, too, but again I don't smell it, and at some point the sweet concoction could use some edge. I don't dislike it, honestly, and case in point, I tried it during a hundred-degree temperature day and the it's syrupy enough to have gone in a sour acrid direction. It didn't. The drydown is kind of different than usual:  the fruits never leave, and the generic ambery notes don't overwhelm. All in all, it's ok. If someone gave it to me, I would use it, but I would never buy it. It's $50.00 for a 1 oz bottle, and I could find a myriad of other perfumes I would rather get in that price range.

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