Thursday, July 4, 2013

Let The Sails Begin (Television Review: Below Deck, Monday Nights on Bravo)

Take eight strangers, put them on a boat, and find out what happens when they stop being polite and start getting real. That seems to be the template for the new Bravo reality show, "Below Deck," and you know what, it turns out I like this show a lot. Perhaps this is also because I love the high seas, and I love cruising, and yes, this is close enough. Sure, I have not been on a chartered yet - it costs $100,000 a week, apparently - but I would love to experience it at some point. The cast of characters here, are pretty standard: there's an entitled party girl, a bitchy micro-managing boss, a stern captain, a himbo. But most interesting, for me is David Bradberry, a former gay porn star who is also a former miltary men, who did some gay scenes for "Active Duty." On a get-to-know episode, he seems pretty upfront about it to the rest of the crew, and that's pretty bold. Usually these things are glossed over. I have read some reports saying that most of the crew do not have real yachting experience, and you do wonder why they would be entrusted with the duties, knowing it is a high class operation. The drama starts with the first episode, on their first charter, when the "L.A. type photographers" (whatever that term means) are caught with cocaine on the premises. The charter is immediately ceased and the passengers leave the ship right away. Is this real? These so called professionals would not want to be filmed looking like cokeheads, no? Whatever the case may be, I am now hooked to this show - it will probably summer's guilty pleasure. And I confess, I already liked "Below Deck Dave" on Facebook.  Let the Sails Begin.

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