Saturday, July 20, 2013

Imperfect (Book Review: Mrs. Porter, Jane Porter)

I needed a book to get me out of a reading rut, and I knew Jane Porter's "Mrs. Perfect" would do the trick. I think I am truly becoming a fan of Ms. Porter's writing since I think I have yet to come across a novel of hers that I don't love. "Mrs. Perfect" is a perfect novel for our times, of dealing with the "new economy." I had to look at when this was written - 2008 - and I have to think it's a precursor to the economic bubble burst of 2009. Taylor Young had the perfect life: husband, children, money , luxury. Everyone envies her because she makes it look easy. But what happens if all this is taken away from her? She finds the strength she has always had, and learns how to deal with the new cards she has dealt with. Porter creates perfection out of imperfection, and it was nice to catch up with characters from an earlier novel of hers I loved. This story is six years old, but feels as contemporary. 


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