Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Fosters (Television Review: The Fosters, ABC Family)

I recently wrote about the first two episodes of "The Fosters," (here) and I was cautiously optimistic about the series. I liked the premise enough, but the first two episodes seemed somewhat too safe and predictable, as I saw them. Well, thank God for the Holiday weekend and I am now caught up with the third, fourth, and fifth episodes, and I must say that I am mighty impressed now. Instead of going the safer route, I think the series is tackling very important issues, and the drama is very real, helped by fantastic acting led by Teri Polo, who is fantastic here. I love the fact that the series is frankly dealing with real issues affecting teenagers today, but it is doing it in almost a subtle way that you do not feel like the lessons are being forced in your face. There was a very delicate storyline wherein one of the kids, Jesus (Jake T. Austin) has unprotected sex with his girlfriend and they get caught buying a "morning after" pill. The Moms caught it and confiscated the pill. He presses them, saying, the clock is ticking and it is called the morning after pill for a reason. Who would ever think that something like this would be discussed in a Disney channel? It presented the issues fairly, and the resolution was satisfying. Other storylines blend seamlessly: there's a very delicate love triangle between David, Calley, and Wyatt that seem to be simmering, and a sweet subplot about Jude wanting to wear nail polish in school that gets him bullied.  All these make me invested in the series. You got me, J-Lo.

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