Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ah, The Smell Of The Hermes Logo ! (Perfume Review: Terre D'Hermes)

Terre D'Hermes was one of Jean Claude Ellena's first creations for Hermes in 2006 and it is your classic Ellena: etheral, somewhat transparent but weighted, and really elegant smelling. For the most part, I am not the biggest fan of the orange note because my stomach turns with some of the "sour" smelling ones, but somehow the note here does not go to that territory. Instead, there is a tart grapefruit note in the beginning that is just beguiling - it gives it that sharp edge that enhances its sophistication. It is quite different to the raw, sweet grapefruit note in, say, Jo Malone Grapefruit, that is sharp in a more naturalistic way. That grapefruit feels like it is from the Farmer's Market, while this one is from a couture house. If the orange Hermes logo had a scent, I could envision it smelling like Terre D'Hermes. This is so refine, and yet also versatile: it can be home during day as well as a formal scent. I can as easily wear this at Wimbledon watching a tennis match as I could at a tuxedoed gala at the Metropolitan Museum Of Modern Art. I hate to use the term "modern classic" once again, but if there was one scent that would fir that description, this would be it. I hope to always have this on my wardrobe. In 2009, a parfum version was created as a flanker - I've been meaning to at the very least sniff it. I hear an earthiness rounds it up. Maybe I should do it soon.

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