Friday, July 5, 2013

A Twist In My Sobriety (Book Review: Jack With A Twist, Brenda Janowitz)

While I was reading Brenda Janowitz's "Jack With A Twist," I was wondering why the book sounded so familiar. I had to double check on Goodreads if I had already read it (I have done that numerous times - unintentionally reading books I have already read before) but no, it seems liek I have not read this yet. Then I also saw that this was a sequel to a book I have already read, so no wonder the characters sound familiar. I gave that one a one star review.  Anal retentive me had to finish this one, and yes my reservations about the characters from the first book resonated: unlikeable selfish insecure narrator. Plus, I was realizing that this may be one of those wedding-centric books, which is a sub genre I am not too fond of, because I am not a big fan of wedding ceremonies in general. It's a weird quirk of mine, I know, but it is what it is. I was glad to see that there was more to the book than just a wedding, which made this a lot more bearable. The quirky family characters also added a bit more spice than usual, and a predictable but still believable twist was kind of endearing. I read this book while relaxing at a Fourth of July barbecue and it was just the kind of mindless read that complemented the holiday.

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