Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Her Heart Belongs To Porter

Who is Joan Curto? I don't know either. She is apparently a Chicago native and is a big deal over there. I chanced upon her album of Cole Porter songs titled "Joan Curto Sings Cole Porter From Major to Minor," and I always think that Cole Porter songs are the best songs to "test drive" a singer. Curto sings in a cheery clear voice, and it's not uninteresting. She sings these ditties conviction, and with some known intelligence. Though I can't say they are the most unique interpretations, I have also heard worse versions. She gives justice to the difficult and always poignant "So In Love," in a challenging arrangement. I must say that I wasn't bored listening to these tracks, and I can say I have heard 'em all - the best and the worst. I can sense that she knows and loves these songs, and I can hear them in her renditions. Some of the arrangements can be a bit flaky, but she navigates them well. It's not bad!

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