Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fade In On A Girl (Book Review: Let Me Be Your Star)

A friend of mine recommended "Let Me Be Your Star" to read because he knew I was a big fan of the television show SMASH.  When I checked it out, I realized it was realized that it was written by Rachel Shukert, who did the SMASH recaps for Vulture. I couldn't wait to read it. I faithfully read Shukert's weekly recap, although I must admit that towards the end, I found her writing a little too exhausting to read (I fault myself more to not fully appreciating her style) In here, she writes about how her recaps took off, and even got the attention of Tony Kushner. I knew the piece was going to be short, but I just wished it as more focused. I wish she spoke more and in depth on the process on how she wrote her recaps. She only hints at it, saying she did it in the wee hours of the morning. I also think that she had a major break up in the middle of the second season, and I think that would have added a great personal touch to the story - maybe compare/contrast to Ivy or Karen's story? But maybe I was expecting too much? Maybe a fully-formed memoir is in the making? I hope so. 

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