Sunday, July 28, 2013

That's All I Ask Of You (Book Review: All You Coud Ask For, Mike Greenberg)

Mike Greenberg's "All You Could As For" starts off almost generic, with stories of three women each with their own stories. I was looking for the connection between these three women, but stopped looking after a while when I couldn't find one. Halfway through the book, Greenberg drops a bomb: all these women will be touched by breast cancer. I was quite surprised by that and kind of dreaded what I thought was a change of tone. In fact, as important as the issue may be, I didn't know if I really wanted to read a story about cancer survivors. But the wit and honesty he gave these characters in the first part continued, and even flourished in the second. I grew to love the three women more, and of course this book brings to light women's issues regarding breast cancer. I was very surprised to find that this novel was not only written by a man, but an ESPN kind of guy (No sports buff am I, I read that he hosts some kind of sports show) He wrote this book based on a friend's experience dealing with the dreaded disease. You will find yourself rooting for these women. 


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